Looking for Love in 2017

I’m making a change this year and I hope to bring a special someone along with me. I’ll give you a description. Perhaps you can introduce us.


Tall, or even short. Height doesn’t matter. Neither does hair unless it gets in the way of the eyes. The eyes matter a lot. Great eyes and/or ears are crucial to establishing a meaningful connection. But most important? A sense of humor. Yeah, I know everyone says that but I mean it. One can’t enjoy my stuff without a decent sense of humor.

Hey, eyes up here. I wasn't referring to that stuff. I meant my writing. What did you think? 

For me, 2017 is about readers. Last year I established a writing routine. I finished some important projects. I figured out where I want to go. Now this year is about gaining momentum. More projects, of course (I know that bad things happen when I quit writing) but 2017 is about taking my writing career to the next level. In short, I need to prove that I can develop an audience. That’s where you come in. 

First and most important
First of all, let me say a sincere thank you to everyone reading this. I wouldn’t be putting words on a screen without your continued encouragement. Full stop. But since we’ve created this monster, now we’ve got to feed it.

Wait! There’s more 
Now, this part is hard for me. I’m a middle child, fiercely independent and yet unexpectedly needy. I don’t like to ask for help. Yet, here I am, asking for your help. (Oh, for crying out loud.) To reach my writing goals, I need proof that people like my stuff. And that is a numbers game.

So here’s what I’m asking
Remember the Faberge Organics woman who told two friends, who told two friends, and so on? If you like my stuff, wherever you find it—on my blog or Facebook or Medium—I’d like you to channel her. But only if you like it. Let’s not cheapen ourselves in this process.

Here’s a guide to Good, Better and Best ways you can help me. Every site on which I publish has an algorithm that promotes the stories that are getting the most traffic. In other words, the more Likes, Hearts, Follows, Shares, Comments, etc. I get on my work, the more likely it is to get even more Likes, Hearts, Follows, Shares, and Comments.

Good: “Like” an essay. Click the thumbs-up on Facebook or the Heart on Medium and/or both on GretchenAnthony.com. Easy peasy.

Better: Comment. I love comments! And so do the algorithms.

Best: Share it. Even better, Like it, comment on it, and then Share it. 500 points to Gryffindor for accomplishing all 3.

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Thanks, everyone. I feel so good about this that if you had a Like button on your forehead, I’d push it. Then I’d write a comment on your face and share a picture of it on Instagram.


Minnesota-based writer and ghostwriter. Read her and meet her at GretchenAnthony.com.