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Scenes from a Book Tour, pt. I

Gretchen AnthonyComment
Scenes from a Book Tour, pt. I

Launch Day October 16

Four things a debut novelist may do on publication day …

  1. Go to Barnes & Noble to see if it’s really on sale.

  2. Hide behind a life-size Game of Thrones display when husband tells the Barnes & Noble guy that his wife wrote a book.

  3. Feign disgust when husband takes a picture of that book on the shelf.

  4. Be amazed that Barnes & Noble has eight copies, but wonder why they didn’t order more.

Pictures from a launch party …

Six things a debut author may be thinking during her launch party …

  1. Will anyone notice if I throw up real quick?

  2. I think her name is Carol. Or Karen. No, it’s Carol.

  3. Crap. I think I signed her book, “To Karen.”

  4. To wine, or not to wine?

  5. My friends are amazing.

  6. Life is amazing.

Better pictures from a launch party …

Thoughts following a launch party …

  1. Thank you.

  2. Thank you.

  3. Thank you so much.

All photos courtesy of M. Brian Hartz

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