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Winter Hath No Power Over Deadlines

Gretchen AnthonyComment
Winter Hath No Power Over Deadlines

Book tour was terrific, thanks to the astounding work of everyone who stepped up along the way to make my introduction of the Baumgartner family such a wonderful and heart-warming success! Friends, family and colleagues kept me going throughout the ride and I am forever grateful.

This life of books, however, means always having the next one in the pipeline. Thankfully, I do!

My next project, The Kids Are Gonna Ask is the story of seventeen-year-old twins — Thomas and Savannah McClair — who find themselves swept up in a cultural firestorm when they start a podcast to find their biological father after their mother dies. Like the Baumgartners, it’s a story about family, friction, and perseverance mixed with (hopefully) plenty of laughter.

There’s a grandmother with a fascination for medical oddities; a hate-mongering blogger/conspiracy theorist; a neighbor who refuses to leave the house without her hair done; and a dog named after Katherine Mansfield.

Curious yet?

I’m thrilled to be working with the same editor at Park Row Books who guided the Baumgartners in for landing, Natalie Hallak. Together, and with a whole mess of help from the entire HaperCollins team, Natalie and I will get the book in readers hands just over a year from now — May, 2020.

In the meantime, stay tuned. With any luck, you may just get a few more early glances.

Be well, read often.


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